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The Stanley Foundation has an abiding interest in a strong United Nations, and constructive American participation is critical to the health and vitality of the organization.

The response to the September 11 attacks—in which the cooperation and support of other governments has been essential to the US-led campaign against terrorists—has reaffirmed the necessity of multilateralism as the United States confronts global challenges. Indeed, the UN Security Council and General Assembly both adopted, within 24 hours, sweeping condemnations of the attacks that acknowledged the United States would have broad discretion in fashioning a response. For its part, the Bush administration and US Congress affirmed the importance of the United Nations by releasing funds the United States had owed the organization and confirming the new ambassador to the United Nations, John Negroponte, so that he could assume his post in New York.

Time will tell whether these developments indicate a sea change in the relationship between Washington and the world body, which has often been undercut by domestic US politics.

The State of US-UN Relations

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