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America: More or Less Secure?

The Stanley Foundation is cosponsoring a series of 11 debates on national security issues throughout the United States this fall.

The Secure America Project, also sponsored by the World Affairs Council and the Fourth Freedom Forum, will feature a debate tour from October 4 through December 9.

Each debate will feature two security experts from opposing ends of the political spectrum who will address the question: Have the policies enacted since 9/11 improved national security and global stability or have they been counterproductive to those goals? Local audiences will also hear participants' views on the best strategies for countering terrorism and weapons proliferation.

Debate Schedule

Date Location  
October 4 Dayton, OH Transcript and audio
October 14 San Antonio, TX  
October 16 Ventura County, CA  
October 25 Buffalo, NY  
October 26-27 Milwaukee, WI  
October 28 Charlotte, NC  
November 16 Minneapolis, MN  
November 17-18 Portland, ME  
November 22 Missoula, MT  
November 22 Naples, FL  
December 9 Dallas, TX