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Secure America Project

The Stanley Foundation, along with the World Affairs Council and the Fourth Freedom Forum, is co-sponsoring a series of 11 debates on national security issues throughout the United States this fall.

Debate Schedule
Audio and video from the Dayon debate
Full transcript of the Dayton debate

Independent Task Force on US Strategies for National Security: Winning the Peace in the 21st Century

The task force will examine the purpose and role of US power in ensuring its own national security while creating a stable, just, and sustainable global system in the 21st century. (September 2003)

Project Information
Task Force Report (PDF 270 KB)
Task Force Members
Information from past meetings (agendas and reading lists)

Global Security Regimes: A Future or a Failure?

Prevailing views of security practices and concepts are undergoing changes worldwide. A group of policy experts examine the relative utility of strengthening, reforming, or abandoning global security frameworks and offer recommendations. (February-March 2003)

Project Information
Policy Bulletin (PDF 170 KB)
Full Report (PDF 220 KB)

Technology Access for the Developing World: Reconciling Global Regimes and National Security Mandates

This conference examined ways to reconcile First World security concerns and the Developing World's need for the free trade of critical dual-use civilian and military technologies that would allow for equitable economic development.

Project Information
Panel Discusion Results (PDF 55 KB)
Policy Bulletin (PDF 60 KB)
Full Report (PDF 170 KB)

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