A Program of the Stanley Foundation

About The Stanley Foundation

The Stanley Foundation is a nonpartisan, private operating foundation that strives for a secure peace with freedom and justice by promoting public understanding, constructive dialogue, and cooperative action on critical international issues. Its work takes the form of media programs, educational initiatives, and focused discussions that convene policy professionals, diplomats, and other experts.

Programming is varied and reaches multiple audiences. The foundation convenes conferences and seminars, providing a forum for high-level dialogue among policy professionals, policymakers, and opinion leaders on selected topics in global governance and US foreign policy. Global education programs reach and involve educators, administrators, and students from elementary school to college. The foundation produces a weekly public radio program on world affairs, Common Ground, and publishes World Press Review, the only English-language monthly magazine focusing on global issues through the prism of the international press.

Programs focus on matters including the United Nations and other international organizations, bilateral relations involving the United Nations, international security issues, global citizenship development, human rights, and global civil society.

The foundation works with a number of partners around the world, including public policy institutions, nongovernmental organizations, community colleges, elementary and secondary schools, media organizations, and others.

The foundation does not make grants.

Most Stanley Foundation reports, publications, programs, and a wealth of other information are instantly available on our Web site: www.stanleyfoundation.org.