Regional Approaches to Proliferation Prevention (RAPP) Program seeks the integration of global nonproliferation regimes and norms with the security demands of states facing more localized threats in specific regional threat environments.

The regions within the program's mandate include South Asia, the Middle East and Persian Gulf, and Northeast Asia. In particular, the program focuses on major regional actors identified by experts as "middle powers" due to a mix of factors, including geographic position, natural resources, population, and military capabilities.

For these regions and key countries, the program explores the "demand side" of the proliferation equation by focusing on the threat perceptions and threat assessments of regional powers that feel the need to possess various forms of weapons of mass destruction, sometimes including chemical and biological weapons as well as nuclear weapons.

The program engages experts from IGOs and the foreign policy and military institutions of major powers in the developed world and of regional disputants in the developing world.

The RAPP program is coordinated by Michael Kraig.

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Assessing Alternative Security Frameworks for the Persian Gulf: Building a Stable Coalition for Conflict Management

Draft Paper Cover This paper examines the various challenges of applying three different, competing approaches— the hegemonic/ counterproliferation, realist, and cooperative security schools of thought—to the future shape of security arrangements in the Persian Gulf.

Iran after the War in Iraq—a Congressional Policy Brief on Persian Gulf Security

Persian Gulf Policy Brief cover This brief argues for a pragmatic approach to U.S.-Iranian relations based on shared interests in regional stability—including the task of building a new foundation for strategic cooperation in the longer-term.

The Future of Iraqi Military and Police Forces—a Congressional Briefing Transcript on Persian Gulf Security

Persian Gulf Briefing Transcript cover Kenneth Pollack of the Brookings Institution and Ahmed Hashim of the United States Naval War College discuss the future of the Iraqi military and police forces in a Sept. 23, 2003 congressional staff briefing.

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