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Program Summary

The global governance institutions that provide relief and protection to crisis victims around the world confront some of today's most urgent and complex challenges.

As the world community is coming to recognize, "international peace and security," which is so central to the UN Charter, only has meaning insofar as ordinary people are, in fact, secure. This program focuses on the political and policy mechanisms, particularly UN specialized agencies such as the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), that address the security and survival of populations at risk.

Projects under the Human Relief and Protection program:

Strengthening the UN-Angolan Partnership to Help Angola's Displaced
(September 2003)

Refugee Protection in Africa: How to Ensure Security and Development for Refugees and Hosts
(November 2002)

The UN on the Ground
The conference report and commissioned papers are available. Visit the project page to learn more.
(October 2003)

Renewing Commitment to Refugee Protection
(November 2000)

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