Global Youth

Summer Arts Experience

This is a weeklong day camp for middle school students who enjoy art and wish to expand their horizons. Current sites in Iowa are Columbus Junction and Wapello.

Summer Explorations

A one-week program for seventh and eighth grade Muscatine, Iowa, area girls that encourages them to become involved global citizens and empowers them to make positive changes in their lives, communities, and world.

Summer Special

A two-week program for fifth and sixth grade Muscatine, Iowa, youth who have a keen interest in learning more about their community and life on planet Earth.

St. Louis Global Camp

Sixth graders from St. Louis, Missouri, take part in this two-week day camp that focuses on global citizenship.
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Earth Awareness
Portable Classroom

An inflatable, full-color scale model of the globe 22 feet in diameter offers a unique perspective on geography and the environment.

International Day

International Day is a one-day event held at the University of Iowa for area middle and high school students to focus on human rights issues.

Iowa Student Global
Leadership Conference

This Des Moines, Iowa, conference brings together Iowa high school students and foreign exchange students to share their perspectives on world affairs.

Nebraska International Camp

This one-week, true camp-style experience for young people 10 to 16 years of age offers a chance to learn and speak Spanish, German, or French.

Why is global education important?

Global education advances global perspectives and prepares globally competent citizens. Global competency includes an appreciation of complexity, conflict management, the inevitability of change, and the interconnectedness between and among humans and their environment. Globally competent citizens know they have an impact on the world and that the world impacts them. They recognize their ability and responsibility to make choices that affect the future.

What's in it for youth?

Global education equips people with the tools needed to cope with and embrace change. It makes them aware of their ability to help shape the future and counters their feeling of powerlessness. The foundation sponsors and cosponsors youth-centered projects that encompass global education themes. Our methodologies model the characteristics of global citizenship. Respect for youth and their experiences is a fundamental component as we infuse global perspectives into our projects through direct content, indirect content, applied content, and teacher modeling.

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