Educator Support Programs
for Global Education

Beyond September 11 Project

A program aimed at helping teachers answer questions about the September 11 attacks and provide some meaningful perspective.

Central Asia Educator Seminars

A 2002 initiative that provided educators with materials on the September 11 attacks and US action in Central Asia.

Global Education Task Force

A group of teachers and administrators from Muscatine, Iowa, schools focused on the infusion of global education across the curriculum.

Global TeachNet

A national network of educators interested in global education and international studies, primarily focused on K-12.

International Studies Schools Association

A membership organization of educators, schools, and groups involved in K-14 international studies programs.

Muscatine Global Education

A foundation program that provides classroom resources for Muscatine, Iowa, teachers and supports the Muscatine High School Model UN program.

Educator Support Programs
by the Stanley Foundation

Global education includes what is taught and how it is taught, both subject matter and practice. Global education should be infused into all disciplines. The Stanley Foundation supports global education endeavors of K-12 educators by providing resources, networking and resource-sharing opportunities, and curriculum design and training.

Global Education

Global education advances global perspectives and prepares globally competent citizens. Global competency includes an appreciation of complexity, conflict management, the inevitability of change, and the interconnectedness between and among humans and their environment. Globally competent citizens know they have an impact on the world and that the world impacts them. They recognize their ability and responsibility to make choices that affect the future.

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