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A Joint Task Force of
The Century Foundation
and The Stanley Foundation
Domestic Politics and America's Russia Policy

Domestic Politics and America's Russia Policy

A Euro-Atlantic Initiatives project by the Stanley Foundation and the Century Foundation


This project will convene policy experts in the United States to identify and analyze the affect of American domestic politics on relations with Russia with the goal of providing recommendations to improve and strengthen the bilateral relationship.


The goals for the project are:
  • To convene a Task Force of experts to identify and analyze the effect of US domestic politics on bilateral relations between the United States and Russia.

  • To provide recommendations to the legislators and the executive branch on ways to strengthen US-Russia relations.


The Joint Task Force will examine four case studies. They are:
  • Chechnya
  • Cooperative Threat Reduction
  • The Russia Component in American Policy Toward Iran and Iraq
  • US Democracy Assistance to Russia (tentatively)


To understand how political and partisan dynamics can influence critical foreign policy decisions and to draw relevant lessons for the future.
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Project Chair
Morton I. Abramowitz
Senior Fellow
The Century Foundation

Project Coordinators
Brian Finlay
Policy Development Director
Nuclear Threat Reduction Campaign
A Program of The Justice Project

James S. Henderson
Program Officer
The Stanley Foundation

Wouter Vandersypen
Research Assistant
The Century Foundation

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