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Islam in Southeast Asia: What Should US Policymakers Know? (PDF 75.9KB)

US policy needs to be based on a more nuanced understanding of Islam in Southeast Asia. This bulletin recommends ways that US policymakers can be more aware of the complexities of Muslim politics and society in the region when making decisions.

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Gulf Security Initiative

What are the best strategies for building a stable security order in the Persian Gulf region? This program explores the possibilities for constructing a new, alternative multilateral framework for security in the Persian Gulf, the preemiment location for the world's most prized strategic resource.

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Southeast Asia in the Twenty-First Century: Issues and Options for US Policy

A fresh and in-depth look at post-9/11 Southeast Asia and the ways US policy toward the region is shifting as countries there are forging broad new relations with China and India. This program includes a look at human rights, regionalism, and moderate Islam in Southeast Asia.