The United States and the Muslim World

The United States and the Muslim World initiative is dedicated to bringing diverse, fresh perspectives to bear on key issues shaping US-Muslim relations. Our projects focus on helping US and Muslim policymakers, journalists, and civil society representatives generate innovative solutions to problems of regional security, US policies toward the Muslim world, and mass media coverage. To promote durable, just solutions, we often work collaboratively with partner organizations to provide direct access for policymakers and journalists to the Muslim world. We also convene off-the-record policy dialogues and publish short policy analyses that spotlight new perspectives.

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The United States and the Muslim World: Critical Issues and Opportunities for Change (PDF 73.3KB)
January 15, 2005

Strengthening US-Muslim relations will require both short-term policy changes and a long-term US commitment to engaging diverse Muslim perspectives. This policy bulletin offers practical proposals for meeting those challenges.

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2005-2006 Educational Workshops in the Middle East for Journalists

As part of foundation efforts to improve media coverage of the Muslim world, the Stanley Foundation will sponsor two educational tours to the Middle East for journalists in 2005-2006. The foundation will also offer opportunities for participants to share their experiences with other media professionals and citizen groups after their return.

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Islam in Southeast Asia: What Should US Policymakers Know?

US policy needs to be based on a more nuanced understanding of Islam in Southeast Asia. This bulletin recommends ways that US policymakers can be more aware of the complexities of Muslim politics and society in the region when making decisions.

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