Security in an Era of Open Arab Media

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Gary Knight/VII for the Stanley Foundation

"Security in an era of open Arab media" is a special Web feature from the Stanley Foundation. Explore the rapid rise of pan-Arab satellite television and other open media, examine its impact on the Arab world, and learn how it affects US relations with this strategically vital region.

Resources include original articles, expert interviews, in-depth policy analysis, photojournalism, and material from the public radio documentary "24/7: The Rise and Influence of Arab Media."

The dramatic expansion of open media in the Arab world is changing the political landscape of the region. For better or worse, the Internet and scores of pan-Arab radio stations and hundreds of pan-Arab satellite television channels are fostering the free flow of information and opinion in ways unthinkable two decades ago.

How does this rapidly changing spectrum impact the United States, the Middle East, and the world? Will it lead to greater understanding or fuel tension, fear, and hatred?

The Rapid Rise of Open Arab Media

The phenomenon of open media is overwhelmingly based on transnational, pan-Arab satellite TV channels. How are broadcast networks like Al Jazeera, Al Arabiya, the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation, the Middle East Broadcasting Corporation, and others changing the political and cultural landscape of the region?

Open Media's Impact on the Arab World

Across the Middle East, the rise and influence of more open Arab media is shaking up once-isolated dictatorships and monarchies. How will governments respond now that Arab citizens can see no-holds-barred political debates unimaginable just a few years ago? And how will public perceptions of the region and the world evolve?

Responding to Open Arab Media

The new open Arab media includes many programs from Hollywood, but this seems to have done little to bridge enormous misperceptions between the Middle East and the Western world. And US foreign policy has been slow to respond to the new Arab media reality. What does this all mean for the strategically vital relationship between the United States and the Middle East?

Stay Active

You can play a role in this dynamic issue of global importance. Stay informed, follow developments in the region and in Washington, DC, and talk to your friends and neighbors.