Colunms and Op-Eds


Iowa View: Don't rush response to Iran's nuclear ambitions
Matt Martin
The Des Moines Register, 31 January 2006

According to Martin, referring Iran to the UN Security Council puts "the delicate political balance upon which the Non-Proliferation Treaty rests at risk."


Gulf Security in a Globalizing World: Going beyond US Hegemony
Michael Kraig
YaleGlobal, 29 June 2004

To avoid repeating history, the US should stop trying to end all conflict through regime change in states such as Syria and Iran, but rather manage competition between existing governments through the growth of an evolutionary, cooperative international process involving all states in the region.


US Attempt at Domination Hobbled by Contradiction
Michael Kraig
YaleGlobal, 19 April 2004

In the 21st century, Washington cannot mix mercantilist security strategy with global laissez-faire economy and expect successful outcomes. Cold War tactics and strategy must be completely overhauled if US leadership is to stay intact.


Stanley Foundation research finds lessons from post-World War II rebuilding of Europe
Michael Kraig
Quad-City Times, 10 April 2004

The first step toward a true solution is to look in the mirror and fully admit that past US practices have created as many problems as they have solved. We are not just a passive actor reacting to the latest crisis produced by rogue states and terrorists.