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C. Maxwell and Elizabeth M. Stanley created the Stanley Foundation in 1956. Max Stanley was a professional engineer, businessman, and world citizen. His deep concerns about global security and international organizations in an increasingly interdependent world were reflected in his extensive writing and speaking. Betty Stanley shared her husband's interests in building a more peaceful and humane world. She supported the arts, encouraged environmental responsibility, and worked to improve education.

The initial board of directors of the foundation consisted of the two founders and their children. Foundation programming and activity began modestly. Policy conference work began in 1960 with the Strategy for Peace Conference, and the first conference on the United Nations of the Next Decade was held in 1965. The foundation's first paid staff member began work in 1967.

Following Max Stanley's death in 1984, Richard H. Stanley became president of the foundation. As was his father, he is a professional engineer, businessman, chairman of a large international consulting engineering firm, and a world citizen.

Today the Muscatine, Iowa-based Stanley Foundation continues its involvement with global institutions and maintains a long-term, independent perspective while promoting collaborative approaches and multilateral solutions to issues.

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