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Seeking a secure peace with freedom and justice, built on world citizenship and effective global governance.

The Stanley Foundation is focused on promoting and building support for principled multilateralism in addressing international issues.

United Nations and 21st Century Security
The UN must reestablish its role in our changing world so that we, as a global community, can begin to respond to the shared challenges and opportunities that lay ahead. This initiative is aimed at improving the effectiveness of the United Nations to respond to today's global security threats.

The US and the Muslim World
The United States and the Muslim World initiative is dedicated to bringing diverse, fresh perspectives to bear on key issues shaping US-Muslim relations. Our projects bring together US and Muslim policymakers, journalists, and civil society representatives to tackle problems of regional security, US policies toward the Muslim world, and mass media coverage.

Gulf Security
What are the best strategies for building a stable security order in the Persian Gulf region? This program explores the possibilities for constructing a new, alternative multilateral framework for security in the Persian Gulf, the preemiment location for the world's most prized strategic resource.

Strategies for US National Security
Military superiority is only a slice of the larger security pie. This program explores a range of foreign policy and defense approaches open to the United States in the post-Cold War world by engaging US officials in dialogue with independent US experts and officials from other countries.

Southeast Asia in the 21st Century
A fresh and in-depth look at post-9/11 Southeast Asia and the ways US policy toward the region is shifting as countries there are forging broad new relations with China and India. This program includes a look at human rights, regionalism, and moderate Islam in Southeast Asia.

Future Multilateral Economic Engagement With North Korea
Economic cooperation between North Korea and its neighbors has the potential to develop into broader governmental cooperation. This program will identify ways that regional states and the United States can work with North Korea to enhance regional stability, security, and economic development.

Community Partnerships
Thinking globally, acting locally. The Stanley Foundation organizes and supports a number of international, multicultural, and global education projects in and near our hometown of Muscatine, Iowa.

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